The Costa Concordia Wreck Seems To Be Becoming A Creepy Tourist Attraction

Costa Concordia Cruise Italy

[credit provider=”AFP / Tullio M. Puglia”]

Could the Costa Concordia wreck become a tourist attractiction?It may be happening already. The Sun reports that on Saturday 1,000 day-trippers have arrived at the Italian island of Giglio — close to the wreck of the Costa Concordia, where 13 bodies have been found so far. That’s 10 times the normal Saturday number, the British tabloid notes.

Locals have been somewhat confused by the influx of tourists. “I find it sad and eerie they are coming to look at the place where people died,” Giglio Tourist Board chief Elizabeth Nanni told the paper, while a local hotel manager admitted it was a “bit odd” to the Telegraph.

Of course, it may have an economic impact for the islanders. Over at The Huffington Post “dark tourism expert” Dr Philip Stone has mulled the possibility that the disaster could create a lasting interest like the Titanic.