How much you should save to retire in New York City, San Francisco, and 8 other expensive US cities

Columbus circle nycShutterstockColumbus Circle in Manhattan.

If you want to retire under the lights of New York City, you’ll need at least $US2.25 million in savings.

That’s according to SmartAsset’s recent report, which determined the average savings needed to retire in the least affordable cities for retirees, assuming a 30-year retirement.

Using data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics and the Council for Community and Economic Research, SmartAsset calculated the spending required to maintain the average standard of living for seniors in each particular city. It also took into account annual Social Security income, using the national average of $US17,189.

(Read the full methodology.)

If you’re planning to fully retire in these 10 major cities without having to work part-time, here’s how much it’s estimated you would need in your retirement account in order to live off Social Security and savings alone:

10. Los Angeles, California: $994,377

Venice Beach in LA.

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9. Boston, Massachusetts: $1,015,740

A quaint street in Beacon Hill, a historical neighbourhood in Boston.

8. San Diego, California: $1,024,980
Picturesque San Diego.

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7. Oakland, California: $1,051,979

Lake Merritt, just east of downtown Oakland.

6. Washington, DC: $1,087,387

The Washington Monument from the Constitution Gardens.

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5. Stamford, Connecticut: $1,138,981

barbsimages /
Stamford is a quick train ride away from New York City.

4. Orange County, California: $1,206,300

Laguna Beach, a seaside town in southern Orange County.

3. San Francisco, California: $1,487,718

Patrick Smith
The 'Painted Ladies' of San Francisco.

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2. Honolulu, Hawaii: $1,663,195

The beaches and views in Honolulu are hard to top.

1. New York City, New York: $2,250,845

Columbus Circle, one of the most expensive places to live in Manhattan.

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