Wedding Season Is Driving Guests Into Debt

If your wedding party is looking a little thinner this year, blame it on their bottom line.

More than 40% of consumers invited to weddings said they turned down the invitations due to financial constraints, according to an American Consumer Credit Counseling poll.

We can’t exactly blame them.

Between hotel stays, transportation, bachelor(ette) parties, party attire, and wedding gifts, guests are spending on average $US539 to attend a wedding, up 59% from last year.

And just because a guest who RSVPs ‘yes’ doesn’t mean they can afford the expense. About 36% of respondents said they dealt with so much peer pressure that they went into debt to attend a friend’s wedding.

Most advice on saving on wedding costs tend to favour the bride and groom’s side of things. But we’ve got a spending tip for cash-strapped guests out there: split everything. Find friends or relatives willing to share hotels or go in on a gift together to trim costs.

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