The New Cosmo Cover Shows A Scary Image Of A Woman Suffocating In Plastic

Cosmopolitan UK, the women’s monthly fashion and beauty magazine, has created a truly shocking cover image for its February edition.

The front of the publication depicts a woman suffocating while trapped inside plastic. It’s intended to “highlight the injustice of honour killings,” TAXI writes.

An honour killing is the murder of a relative who is believed to have brought shame to his or her family. 

In the bottom left of the cover, Cosmo writes: “Remember the British girls who have lost their lives through honour killings. Help us break the silence at” 

TAXI says the image was created by advertising agency Leo Burnett and references the “horrific honour killing of a 17-year-old British Pakistani woman Shafilea Ahmed.” The teenager was killed in 2003 by her parents after she refused to accept an arranged marriage. 

The artwork will only run on limited edition versions of the magazine and is in association with a UK charity called Karma Nirvana, noted on the front. The organisation works to help victims of violence such as honour killings. 

There’s also a 7-second film, which you can see below: 

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