Dear Finance Guys, Cosmo Magazine Says You're All A Bunch Of 'D-Bags'

Cosmopolitan’s senior editor Jessica Knoll has a fascinating love feature in the August issue called “Spot a D-Bag in Disguise” and finance guys are included the best-selling women’s magazine’s watch list for men “who masquerade as dateable dudes.”

Here’s how Knoll describes the finance guy (a.k.a “The F-Bag”):

“Finance guy impresses with his generosity (he’ll pick up the happy-hour tab for you and your friends). Despite his fancy duds and cash flow, he’ll tell you he’s ‘really laid-back, man.’  But spill your drink on his precious designer tie and watch him lose his cool (‘This thing cost $500!’) You might want to think twice before you date this one percenter.” 

Check it out below.

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