Cory Booker Stories: The Heroic Newark Mayor Has Already Created An Internet Frenzy

cory booker newark mayor


Well, that was quick.The internet “memes” came almost instantly after it emerged that heroic Cory Booker heroically saved his neighbour from a burning home while scribes furiously and tirelessly tried to outdo each other in how many times they could each use some version of the word “hero” in their stories. 

By our count, there are already two Tumblr sites. One takes inspiration from Texts From Hillary, but neither are as good. There’s Super Cory Booker, which is a more image-based meme Tumblr. Then there’s Cory Booker Stories, which is a combination of images and inspirations from the Twitter hashtag #CoryBookerStories.

Booker, of course, saved his neighbour from a burning home late last night. He later detailed his story in a press conference this morning, saying that he is a neighbour that would do “what most neighbours do” — help a friend

The Texts From Hillary-Inspired Meme

Here's a clever Ryan Gosling joke, alluding to the news last week that he saved a British journalist from being hit by a taxi.

With Chris Christie.





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