The Classic Corvettes That Plunged Into A Kentucky Sinkhole Are Finally Being Rescued

The first of the eight classic Corvette cars swallowed by a sinkhole under the National Corvette Museum in February was recovered this morning.

The 2009 “Blue Devil” ZR1 was hoisted out of the 20-foot deep hole by crews who have been working six days a week since the incident, according to a blog post from the Museum. General Motors will oversee the restoration of the eight cars at its Mechanical Assembly facility outside Detroit.

The museum, which is independently owned and operated, plans to create a display about the sinkhole. It is accepting donations to help repair its facility. No one was injured in the February 13 incident.

The next car slated for removal is the 1993 “Ruby Red” 40th Anniversary Corvette.

Here’s the Blue Devil coming out of the earth.

And back on solid ground. It’s dusty, but looks like it barely has a scratch:

And a shot of the cars in the sinkhole in the aftermath of the incident:

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