Trump retweeted a clip of Fauci facepalming behind him amid speculation that the infectious disease expert will be pushed out for contradicting the president

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US’s top expert on infectious disease, facepalmed behind President Donald Trump in a press conference last week in a moment that has been trending on social media.
  • Trump apparently took notice, and retweeted it on Tuesday.
  • This came amid speculation Trump is annoyed with Fauci for his blunt, matter-of-fact way of speaking and tendency to contradict the president’s misinformation on the coronavirus pandemic.
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President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning retweeted a clip of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top expert on infectious disease, facepalming behind him during a recent press conference on the coronavirus pandemic.

The clip showed Fauci put his palm to his face as Trump ranted about the State Department, calling it “the Deep State Department.”

After the clip of the face palm became a trending moment on social media, Fauci reportedly later claimed he was covering his face because a lozenge was stuck in his throat.

The president retweeted the clip amid speculation that he is annoyed with Fauci for repeatedly contradicting him as Trump spreads inaccurate information on the virus.

Fauci in a recent interview alluded to this, and the fine line he has to walk in terms of giving the public accurate information while also avoiding invoking Trump’s ire.

“I can’t jump in front of the microphone and push him down,”Fauci said of Trump and correcting false information he spreads. “OK, he said it. Let’s try and get it corrected for the next time.”

In a separate tweet on Tuesday, Trump seemed to downplay rumours he’s peeved with Fauci, who has advised six presidents over his distinguished career. “Thank you Tony!” Trump said in the tweet, which included a clip of Fauci being interviewed on Fox News.^tfw

Some public health experts have suggested Trump should “stop talking” during the daily White House coronavirus press briefings, and allow Fauci and other experts to take the lead.

Trump is becoming increasingly impatient with the stringent measures the country has taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, due to their impact on the economy. He’s signalled that he wants to take steps to reopen the economy, even if it puts the public at risk. On Monday, Trump conceded that Fauci does not agree with him when it comes to reopening the country.