Cormac McCarthy's Ex-wife Reportedly Hid A Gun In The Last Place You'd Want To Hide A Gun

Picture: Santa Fe County Jail

A New Mexico woman is making headlines today for several notable reasons.

One, she retrieved a handgun from her vagina and pointed it at her boyfriend’s head.

Two, that incident followed an argument about space aliens.

And last, but certainly not least, until 2006, she was married to Cormac McCarthy, the author of “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men”.

A document released by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office names 48-year-old artist Jennifer McCarthy as the handgun-hiding accused.

Her 58-year-old boyfriend – whose name was redacted from the document – told police that following the argument, McCarthy removed the gun from her vagina and pointed it at his head.

The Smoking Gun reported it as follows:

McCarthy’s boyfriend told investigators that following the argument McCarthy departed her Aventura Road residence. Upon returning to the home, he told deputies, McCarthy went into her bedroom and later emerged “wearing lingerie and a silver handgun in her vagina.” She then proceeded to “have inner course with the gun,” according to the court filing.

McCarthy was married to Cormac McCarthy from 1998 to 2006 and has a teenage son to the famous author.

She was arrested on a felony charge of aggravated assault on a household member and released on a $5000 bond.

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