Corinne's mum reportedly says her daughter is faking it on 'The Bachelor'

Corinne olympios bachelor nick viallABC/Rick RowellCorinne Olympios with ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall.

The INSIDER Summary:

• Corinne Olympios is this season’s “villain” on “The Bachelor.”
• Her behaviour is getting a lot of people talking.
• In an interview with TMZ, her mother says its an act.

Corinne Olympios
— with her long blonde hair, in-house nanny, and big personality — has become the woman to watch on ABC’s “The Bachelor.” In her efforts to gain the attentions of bachelor Nick Viall, she has made some of the other contestants in the mansion alternately shocked, bemused, or furious.

And now, in a new interview with TMZ, Olympios’s mother Peri gave a brief interview and said Corinne’s status as this season’s villain was all a part of the plan.

“She decided either you are two people that get remembered: the winner or the villain,” Peri said in the TMZ video. “Yes, she took it to the limits, most of it is fake.”

Corinne has caused controversy since the start of the series when she jumped into a swimming pool with Viall and took her top off for a photoshoot. The 24-year-old from Miami also put Viall’s hands on her breasts, something she continued to talk about on the show to both the cameras and the other women.

More recently, Corinne “stole” Viall away from a cocktail party wearing a trench coat and — with the help of ABC’s censors — the appearance of little else. With a nearby can of Reddi-wip, she put the whipped cream on her body and had Viall lick it off her chest.

“Even when she decided to, you know, lose the top, she had cover ups on. When she was in the trench coat, she had a bathing suit on,” her mother told TMZ. “It was all for TV.”

Peri went on to explain that the personalities America sees every Monday night on ABC are not necessarily the full picture since so much ends up on the cutting room floor.

“Reality TV and TV is very fake — and you have no idea what they have cut out,” Perri went on. “If you pick a particular episode, I can give you the reality of it. Just like the whole trench coat and whipped cream thing, do you really think a can of Reddi-wip is sitting by the pool in the heat? Really?”

The strong reaction to Olympios has been happening both inside and outside ABC’s Bachelor mansion. According to Peri, people around the country — from Michigan to Texas — have been calling her home in Miami where Olympios lives with her. She says she will be contacting authorities about the alleged harassment.

“By the end of the season, everybody will get what they — if necessary — what is deserving of them if they feel the need to call me at my house,” she said.

“Believe me I have every one of your phone numbers and where you’re calling from. And so will the police,” she added. You can watch the full video of Peri Olympios on TMZ.

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