We finally know how to make the cheese pasta that Corinne loves on 'The Bachelor'

Corinne pastaABC and ShutterstockCorinne Olypios loves ‘cheese pasta.’

The INSIDER Summary:

• Corinne Olympios loves her nanny’s “cheese pasta.
• She shared the recipe with Us Weekly.
• It’s just pasta and shredded cheese.
• It’s her diet cheat food.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding contestant Corinne Olympios and her nanny Raquel on “The Bachelor.” Because we know so little about her, Raquel is a mystery — one person even started a GoFundMe website to “free” her.

But one mystery that has been solved is how Raquel makes the “cheese pasta” that Corinne told “The Bachelor” contestants that she loves so much.

On the third episode of the season, Olympios is telling the other women in the house about her nanny and what she does for her, including making her meals: “I have tried so many times to make cheese pasta, and I can’t make cheese pasta like her.”

Corinne the bachelor raquelABCOur only glimpse of Raquel.

I, and many other people, started wondering what she could mean by “cheese pasta.” The obvious answer was mac ‘n cheese, but perhaps it was a fancier version without macaroni noodles and maybe with some extra pizzaz, like truffle oil. I also wondered if it could maybe be cacio e pepe, which is made with noodles, cheese, butter, and cracked black pepper.

But neither of those is the “cheese pasta” that Olympios loves so much. According to the new reality TV villain, her nanny Raquel makes the pasta with just noodles and melted shredded cheese.

Here’s the very vague recipe she gave to Us Weekly:

1. Boil pasta for 10 minutes (add some salt to water).

2. Strain out all water.

3. Add pasta back to pot, keeping it on low heat.

4. Add a lot of shredded cheese.

5. Mix until all the cheese melts.

Side note: no salt with cheese.

Obviously a few key things are missing here, including what kind of cheese her nanny uses — is it cheddar? Monterey Jack? Colby? A blend? — as well as what type of pasta.

It also sounds kind of horrible.

Typically when people make mac ‘n cheese, there’s also butter, flour, and milk added to the pasta in addition to the cheese to make it creamy and delicious. But in Raquel’s recipe, it’s apparently just “shredded cheese” that she mixes over low heat until it’s melted. It sounds stringy and weird, to be honest.

Cheese pastaShutterstockCheese pasta.

One possibility is that Us Weekly didn’t get the real recipe from Corinne’s nanny at all, but simply spoke with Olympios who made her best guess as to what goes into the “cheese pasta.”

“Cheese pasta is my number-one comfort food,” 24-year-old Olympios told Us Weekly. “I eat it when I’m sad or when I’m sick or just want to cheat my diet a bit. It’s my weakness.”

Again, if you know Raquel or are Raquel, please email me [email protected]

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