Fired Donald Trump campaign manager asked to name his 'biggest regret'

Fired Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was asked Monday afternoon to identify the “biggest regret” he had on the campaign trail — ¬†and it appeared he would not change one thing.

“None professionally,” Lewandowski said at the conclusion of a lengthy interview with CNN.

Corey Lewandowski on his biggest regret: “None, professionally”
— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) June 20, 2016

That answer did not appear to satisfy reporter Dana Bash, who was conducting the interview.

“I know that you’re human. There’s flesh and blood. You’ve got to have some regrets,” she said.

Lewandowski replied that he wished he could have had his family “more involved.” He then immediately clarified “that’s not a regret at all.”

“I have no regrets as it comes to this campaign,” he said. “I’ve been given such an opportunity and a privilege.”

The ousted campaign manager added, “And if somebody would have said to me 18 months ago, you’ll be managing the candidate through 37 state victories, 14 million votes, more votes than anyone in the history of the Republican Party, I would say, is that possible?”

Trump’s campaign announced Monday morning that it had parted ways with Lewandowski.

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