How To Convince Fortune 500 Companies To Use Your Tiny, Insignificant Startup

Corey Capasson has launched five startups. For two of them, Nomi and Salesforce-owned Spinback, his job was to reel in big clients.

When no one has ever heard of your company though, that’s a daunting task.

Landing a Fortune 500 client is “a combination of luck and focus,” Capasso tells us. It can also take months of persistence. Capasso recalls trailing one prospective client to the gym and “coincidentally” hopping on a treadmill next to him. Capasso eventually won his business.

But landing that first big client is just the beginning. How do you manage them and keep them happy with a small startup staff?

Here are Capasso’s tips for landing Fortune 500 clients and keeping the big bucks coming in:



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