Netflix has been crushing TV companies for years and the trend is reaching new heights

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Consumers have been “cutting the cord,” or cancelling their pay-TV subscriptions in favour of internet-delivered alternatives, for years now, but the trend has reached new heights.

In the last year, Netflix has seen its stock price double while traditional companies like CBS and Comcast have seen their shares fall around 20%.

There’s little reason to believe that this phenomenon will slow down any time soon either, so pay-tv providers will have to find new ways to generate revenue as their primary source continues to erode.

One of the most prominent ways media companies are recuperating cord-cutting losses is by launching their own direct-to-consumer streaming services.

But what makes for a successful streaming video service?

The Business Insider Intelligence Digital Media research team has written a note breaking down the evolving landscape of streaming video on-demand (SVOD). The note looks at which characteristics consumers care about most in a streaming service and which are just “nice to have.”

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