'Weak, incompetent, divided' -- Corbyn attacks Tory government over universal credit

Jeremy CorbynBBCLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions

LONDON — Jeremy Corbyn launched another wave of attacks on Theresa May’s government universal credit policy on Wednesday, describing the Cabinet as “weak, incompetent, divided.”

Speaking in this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Corbyn repeated his plea to Prime Minister May to pause the rollout of universal credit, arguing it will leave some claimants without money to pay for necessities like rent.

Responding to the prime minister’s claim that 4/5 universal credit recipients are satisfied with the service, the Labour leader said: “I would have thought that only if 8% of the rollout has taken place, and 20% of people are dissatisfied, that’s the cause for thought and maybe a pause in the process?”

Corbyn went onto to describe universal credit as just one of many issues that the government is failing to address.

“Isn’t the case that this government is weak, incompetent, divided and unable to take the essential decisions necessary for the good of the people of this country?”

Watch Corbyn criticise the government’s universal credit policy:

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“Last week the House voted by 299-0 to pause the rollout of universal credit? Will the PM respect the wish of the House” @jeremycorbyn #pmqs pic.twitter.com/RViLCbeKwd
— Daily&SundayPolitics (@daily_politics) October 25, 2017

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