Corbyn accuses May of being stuck in Brexit 'groundhog day'

Jeremy CorbynParliamentlive.tvLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons

LONDON —  Jeremy Corbyn today accused the government of being in stuck in “groundhog day” over Brexit, claiming Theresa May had made no progress in negotiations since her Florence speech.

Responding to Prime Minister’s May update to the House of Commons on Brexit talks, the Labour leader said he had a “very worrying sense” that the British side had made no progress since May’s keynote speech in Italy. 

“I’m beginning to feel a very worrying sense of groundhog day here,” Corbyn said.

“Every time she gives us an update on the progress of negotiations… only two weeks ago she told this House that her speech in Florence had put momentum in the Article 5o negotiations and that an agreement of phase one of these talks was in touching distance. Well, here we are again.”

“After another round of talks, we are still no clearer as to when negotiations on our future with Britain’s largest trading partner will actually begin, and no clearer as to what she’s actually agreed to in phase one of these talks.”

“We are clearly stuck in an impasse,” the Labour leader added. “No progress abroad, and no progress at home.”

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Theresa May’s #Brexit updates giving Jeremy Corbyn “a very worrying sense of Groundhog Day”, he tells MPs
— BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) October 23, 2017

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