New York Cops Might Dig Through Landfill For 6-Year-Old Patz's Remains

etan patz disappearance

Photo: Wikipedia

New York City police are reportedly scouring trash records to corroborate a man’s recent confession to the 1979 killing of Etan Patz.The probe could lead New York police to unearth a landfill to find the 6-year-old’s remains, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

But such an undertaking, which would likely unearth Staten Island’s Fresh Kills landfill, would likely cost millions and never lead to the remains, a law enforcement official told the New York Post.

Ex-bodega clerk Pedro Hernandez confessed to strangling Patz last week, marking a shocking development in a case that captivated New Yorkers and led to the iconic images of missing children on milk cartons.

The case has had many twists in just the past few days. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported in the same article that Hernandez’s 53-year-old sister, Norma, said that her brother confessed to the killing to a prayer group. Norma Hernandez revealed the confession to Camden, N.J. police in the early 1980s, the Journal reported.

Meanwhile, other news reports have cast doubt on whether Hernandez is actually the killer. Patz’s own father, Stanley Patz, has believed for years that a prisoner in Pennsylvania named Jose Antonio Ramos killed his son.

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