Two Cops Arrested For Stealing Items & Grotesque Photos From Jenni Rivera Plane Crash Scene

Jenni Rivera
Photos of the crash scene, including mangled body parts, have hit the web.

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Latin singer-superstar Jenni Rivera and six others died in a plane crash Sunday after their private plane went down shortly after takeoff outside of Monterrey, Mexico.While Rivera’s fans and family have expressed their devastation, they will now be forced to relive the tragedy as two Mexican police officers have been arrested after officials say they stole items from the plane crash site

“According to government officials, at least one of the cops is suspected of leaking crash scene photographs to the media,” reports TMZ. “Including shots of body parts and personal documents.”

Leaked footage from the scene has quickly spread across the Internet, showing mangled body parts “including a severed foot with painted toenails,” reports TMZ, adding “the video hasn’t been confirmed to be authentic, but the Rivera family believes it’s real based on the items shown in the video, as well as the remains.”

Rivera’s remains from the crash site were identified by family this week, but DNA tests are still pending.

Investigators initially found personal items belonging to some of the plane crash victims in the homes of the alleged crooked cops — ages 23 and 24.

And, according to New York Daily News, “The Nuevo Leon state government says authorities found images of the scene on the smartphone of one of the officers, while trying to determine how the Mexican media got photographs of the secured site.”

A rep for the Mexican Consulate in L.A. tells TMZ: “We have over 2,000,000 police officers [in Mexico], and unfortunately some of these officers have been corrupt in the past, but we cannot generalize that the whole force is corrupt.”

The rep adds, “Mexico has been working very hard to make their citizens and tourists safe, however it is not fair to judge the whole tree based upon a few bad apples.”

The 43-year-old superstar’s family is reportedly “outraged” that the gruesome footage is on the internet  and want it wiped from the web immediately.