A Group Of Engineers Is Building A Low-Budget Space Craft, Which They Plan To Pilot

Vice magazine has a great article about DIY spaceflight out yesterday. These aren’t big budget ventures like SpaceX, but a small group of scientists who are working to put a capsule into sub-orbital space flight:

Anyone with enough brains and balls can build their own rocket and fly it to space. Or at least that’s what the non-profit, open source space project Copenhagen Suborbitals wants to prove.

They are using off-the-shelf parts and MacGuyvered fixes to problems, they have been able to launch a crash test dummy in their capsule, which they named “Beautiful Betty.” A launch a few months ago ended up with the dummy, “Randy,” losing his leg.

They hope to take Betty, or a homemade capsule like her, into space themselves. See the video for more information on their work: