Cop Told Zimmerman That Trayvon Martin Was A 'Kid With A Future' In Post-Shooting Interview

George Zimmerman Mugshot CropGeorge Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman finally reveals his side of the story in newly-released police interviews from Feb. 29.In his hours-long interview, recently posted on Zimmerman’s defence site, Zimmerman told investigators 17-year-old Trayvon Martin beat him pretty badly before the fatal shot was fired.

“I was stumbling, I ended up on my back,” Zimmerman told police. “And he was on top of me, mounted. And he kept punching me.”

And when Zimmerman began yelling for help, he claimed Martin “grabbed my head and started to slam it,” on the concrete.

But police seem to have a different version of that night’s events.

“This person was not doing anything bad,” police said of Martin, calling him a “kid with a future.”

While rebutting Zimmerman’s claims Martin punched him 25 to 30 times, police questioned the disparity between the size of the two men, noting that Zimmerman was 5’8″ and 194 pounds while Martin was 6′ and 150 pounds

Police said Martin was “not quite your prime suspect type,” noting the teen was wearing a grey hoodie and beige pants instead of the black-on-black typically found on suspicious characters.

The interview took a dramatic turn when investigators showed Zimmerman photos from the crime scene.

“That’s him. That’s the gunshot you put in him. It went right through his heart,” cops told Zimmerman, warning him that the court of public opinion was going to rake him over the coals.

Sanford Police lead investigator Chris Serino reassured Zimmerman he had “no doubt” the neighbourhood watchman was in fear.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t change anything for police.

“Where the question comes into play is that what enraged him so badly besides the fact that maybe he felt that he was being profiled, he was from a bigger city,” the investigator said.

“I don’t know, he can’t talk. I wish he would’ve ran away,” Serino said.

During the course of the interview, the cop also warns Zimmerman that an anonymous phone call relates a completely different version of events, “more along the lines you tried to detain him.”

The interview also reveals a friendly relationship between police and suspect where the investigator seems more concerned with Zimmerman’s welfare than the shooting itself.

“How you feeling? Alright? Hows your head?” the investigator asked Zimmerman at the beginning of their Feb. 29 interview.

“Are you a man of faith?” the investigator asked Zimmerman. “I mean have you been, have you got any counseling? Have you talked to a priest or a pastor or anybody like that?”

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