Cop To File $10 Million Suit Against Guy Who Allegedly Ran Him Over In A Ferrari

A New York City cop is planning to file suit against a Ferrari driver who allegedly ran over the cop’s foot in an attempt to avoid a ticket, The New York Post reports.

According to The Post, the police officer, Felix Recio, will file a suit claiming the driver ran over his foot while Recio was writing out a parking ticket outside the Mercer Hotel in SoHo earlier this month. Recio will seek $10 million in damages and told The Post he has not been able to work since the incident.

The driver of the 458 Spider, worth around $260,000 is none other than Julien Chabbott, boyfriend of reality TV star Stephanie Pratt of MTV’s “The Hills.”

By sheer luck, photographer Damian Morys managed to catch the entire incident on film, and posted it on YouTube.

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