The Taliban Launched A Massive Coordinated Attack In Afghanistan

Afghan Attack

Photo: Khalid Khan via twitpic

The Taliban has taken credit for a coordinated attack that hit Kabul and other cities in Afghanistan early today.Refresh this page to see the latest reports from Al Jazeera, Reuters, AP, Kyodo and other sources on Twitter.

In Kabul armed suicide bombers attacked the NATO headquarters, Kabul Star Hotel, German, Russian and Japanese embassies and a British diplomatic house.

Afghan MPs have joined security forces in repelling attackers from the roof of the parliament, reports Reuters.

A Turkish base on the outskirts of Kabul is also under mortar fire, and Greek and Turkish forces are firing back with heavy machine guns, reports the AP.

Gunmen also attacked the airport in Jalalabad. This attack appears to be over with at least two gunmen killed and a third captured, according to The Associated Press.

Gunmen also attacked government buildings in Gardez City and a police station in Logar Province, an Afghan spokesman tells Al Jazeera.

The attackers are using suicide vests, rocket-propelled grenades, rifles and mortars.

At least five people have been wounded in the Kabul attacks.

The Taliban’s Zabihullah Mujahid tells Reuters these attacks are the beginning of a bloody spring offensive and that they’ve been planned for months.

The Green Zone is an enclave in the war torn country that houses the NATO compound and several international embassies. The assailants are reported to be holed up in surrounding buildings.

Afghan Green Zone

Photo: Ozyism

Eyewitnesses say the attack started near Zanbaq Square in the heart of Kabul where the presidential palace, foreign ministry, and several foreign embassies are located.

Here is some video taken near the square a short time ago:

Kamal Faridi, the individual who uploaded the video, is tweeting on the attacks. He says there have been 26 bombings so far, and that this marks the beginning of a very bloody spring offensive by the Taliban.

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