East Village "Coworking" Space Up And Running

The doors are open at CooperBricolage, a new coworking space in the East Village for entrepreneurs, designers, programmers and other techies looking for a place to sit and work alone or in groups with wi-fi and coffee. Located inside Cafe Fuego at 9 St. Marks Place, CooperBricolage is workspace by day, Cuban restaurant by night. The group is still ironing out pricing and other details, but expect daily entrance fees around $20, with discounts for frequent visitors. (Figuring in tentative discounts, that’s rent of about $300 a month if you camp there every day.)

organiser Sanford Dickert says the space’s permanent wi-fi connection isn’t finished yet, but a few people braved Monday’s rain to check it out anyway. The CooperBricolage wiki has more information, and we’ll follow developments in our Community section as the project moves along.

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