Take An Exclusive Look At The Swanky Office Tower Cathie Black Left To Head Up NYC Schools


Today marks former Hearst chairman Cathie Black‘s first day as New York City schools chancellor. 

Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement in November that he had tapped Black, whom he called “a superstar manager” and headed up Hearst for nearly 15 years, created a great deal of controversy.

Last month we were granted exclusive access to tour Hearst Tower–Hearst Corporation’s global headquarters. The 46-story skyscraper towers over 300 West 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan, and houses all seven of Hearst’s divisions–Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Entertainment, Interactive Media, Business, and Real Estate–under one roof. Since construction was completed in 2006, the building has gained world-wide prominence as an architectural landmark, and is a modern marvel of large-scale sustainable energy design.

On our tour, we were allowed access inside Studio D, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping Research Institute, executive meeting rooms, and employee common areas. We spoke with a number of staff members along the way, and got a feel for what it’s like working at Hearst.

For starters when it comes to security, Hearst runs a very tight ship. The general public is limited to the entrance lobby space, which really only offers a minute glimpse into the massive operation that is behind the Hearst empire. Fortunately for you–if you’ve ever thought of what it would be like working at Hearst–we have the inside scoop.

Hearst Tower's unique diagrid glass-paneling exterior. 90% of the structural steel contains recycled materials.

A view from the entrance lobby. Once you're cleared by security you can take the escalator upstairs, while admiring the surrounding 'Icefall'--a three-story sculpted water feature that circulates rainwater collected on the roof.

Only employees and authorised visitors are allowed beyond this point.

It was lunchtime so most people were in the cafe eating with co-workers.

There were lots of quality food choices--from an organic salad bar to steaks originating from the Hearst Ranch in California.

And if you can't find something pre-made, there are chefs that will cook to order!

There was an exclusive Andy Warhol exhibit on display, honouring much of his artwork which has previously appeared in Harper's Bazaar.

Waiting for the elevator.

One of the floor's has a fully-equipped gym, locker rooms, and physician's office.

Next stop--Studio D. This board displays which magazines and corresponding photographers were shooting that day.

Studio Manager Simon Alexander showed us around

Here Simon is demonstrating how to book one of the two-dozen freelance photographers Hearst publications work with. They only have one full-time photographer.

Some Photographers taking a break

and here are some working on a product shoot.

This is Miriam Arond, Director of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI)

GHRI reviews products for ads that appear in Good Housekeeping. If the product doesn't do what the manufacturer claims, Good Housekeeping doesn't run the ad.

One of the many labs operating on this floor

Testing moisturizers in a blind study

This cool machine detects wrinkles, and how certain skin products affect the natural ageing process

Another lab

The culinary staff that works in the GH Test Kitchen develops and tests the recipes that appear in the magazine.

GHRI's 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year--iRobot, makers of autonomous home robots

Kindle also made the GHRI Hall-of-Fame wall

Next stop--the offices of Marie Claire

A few clothes, as one would expect

View of the offices

Joanna Coles, Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief

View from Joanna Coles' office

Where the Editors work

Magazine composing room

The 44th floor is home to executive meeting rooms

A board room overlooks the New York cityscape

And from another angle--Central Park

The Joseph Urban theatre is used to premier the work of ESPN, Lifetime, A&E, and other Hearst Corp. productions.

That's it!

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