Hugh Hefner's son reveals what it was like growing up in the Playboy Mansion

It was announced on Monday that the Playboy Mansion is now in contract to sell to its next door neighbour — Daren Metropoulos. 

While most people associate the Playboy Mansion with scantily clad playmates and sex-fuelled debauchery, it served as the childhood home for Hugh Hefner’s sons. 

Now 24, Hefner’s youngest son, Cooper, recounts his childhood spent in what many consider to be a sort of adult fantasyland. For Cooper, it was quite the opposite: a child’s wonderland fuelled by Indiana Jones-inspired adventures in the Grotto, a zoo full of exotic animals, and epic games of hide-and-seek played in the mansion’s private forest of redwood trees.

Cooper shared his experiences growing up inside the mansion, and invited Business Insider along on a private tour of the grounds.

Produced by Graham Flanagan. Additional Camera by Ryan Larkin.

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