11 Stunning European Soccer Arenas That Put American Stadiums To Shame

The European sports stadiums built in recent years have been much more adventurous than their American counterparts.

Looking at some of the newest soccer arenas in Europe, you see bright colours, goofy architectural quirks, and retractable roofs that fold into oblivion.

You simply don’t see these features in the newest American stadiums.

1. Allianz Riviera (Nice, France) -- OGC Nice

It's meant to be transparent, with a see-through membrane that makes it seem entirely outdoors.

Source: Wilmotte

2. Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany) -- Bayern Munich, 1860 Munich

It glows red when Bayern Munich is playing.

It glows blue when Munich's othert team, 1860 Munich, is playing.

The exterior consists of 2,874 inflated air panels, giving it a unique texture.

3. Aviva Stadium (Dublin, Ireland) -- Irish national team

The stadium is in the middle of a neighbourhood.

The roof dips dramatically near one end line so the sunlight can still hit in the neighbouring houses.

4. PGE Arena (Gdansk, Poland) -- Lechia Gdańsk

The exterior is all gold, leading to some awesome views from the inside.

5. Stadion Narodowy (Warsaw, Poland) -- Polish national team

The retractable roof collapses into a single spire when its not being used.

The seats look like they're floating.

6. Donbass Arena (Donetsk, Ukraine) -- Shakhtar Donetsk

Unlike modern open-air stadiums, Donbass Arena is encased in glass.

It looks like a flying saucer at night.

7. Arena Națională (Bucharest, Romania) -- Romanian national team

It's most unique feature is the giant jumbotron floating over the center of the field.

It's even more impressive with the roof closed.

8. Braga Municipal Stadium (Braga, Portugal) -- Braga

It's built into the side of a mountain. One end of the stadium is a rock cliff.

9. Stadium of Light (Lisbon, Portugal) -- Benfica

There's a roof, but also curved openings to let the light in.

There's an enormous iron eagle over the gates, which is the best.

10. Stadion Miejski (Wroclaw, Poland) -- Śląsk Wrocław

Not every stadium can by flashy and bright. This is wrapped in a teflon sheet, giving it a stark appearance.

The lines of the stadium are severe.

11. Juventus Stadium (Turin, Italy) -- Juventus

The roof is held up by two enormous, ornate columns,

It's the most modern stadium in Italy.

BONUS: Olympiastadion (Munich, Germany) -- 1972 Olympics

The Olympiastadion's roof is a work of art.

The roof snakes along one side of the stadium before tailing off into a park.

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