The Guy Who Wants To Reinvent The Esky Now Has One Of The Most Successful Kickstarters Of All-Time

Ryan Grepper’s Kickstarter for his “Coolest Cooler,” a cooler that’s been updated for the 21st century, is poised to become the top-funded Kickstarter project of all-time.

The Coolest Cooler features a rechargeable, battery-powered blender, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, integrated storage for cutlery and plates, a USB charger, a bottle opener, a cutting board, and more.

It’s everything you need for a picnic. And it’s blowing up on Kickstarter.

Grepper crushed his $US50,000 fundraising goal early on, raising $US3.2 million in the campaign’s first four days. Now, the Coolest Cooler has earned nearly $US7 million in crowdfunded money.

Kicktraq forecasts that Grepper’s project will raise $US21.6 million by the project’s Aug. 29 deadline.

The only two projects that have raised more money on Kickstarter than the Coolest Cooler are Pebble, a smartwatch that raised $US10.2 million in May 2012, and the Android-based video game console Ouya, which raised $US8.5 million in August 2012.

The Coolest Cooler follows a wave of publicity for crowdfunding platform Kickstarter that started with Zack Brown’s potato salad project in early July.

While it started as a joke, Brown has raised more than $US51,000 to host a potato salad party in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

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