Cool Websites And Tools [March 25th]

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StoryTimeForMe – With interactive activities such as video games and sports available, children are hesitant to read books in their free time. To get young children to pay more attention to reading, one solution would be to make reading more interactive. This is precisely what StoryTimeForMe plans to do. Read more: Storytimeforme: Interactive Reading Books For Kids Online

Smartr – Given the real-time activity by millions of daily users, Twitter is an excellent source of news. However, all the irrelevant and redundant tweets make it hard for anyone to filter out the noise from the actual stories. Smartr is an iPhone app that does the job for you by filtering the news from your tweets and presenting it in a readable format. Read more: Smartr: Filter & Read News From Your Twitter Stream [iPhone]

Findfiles – is a web based file search engine that can help you find almost any kind of file. You can search for mp3 audio, jpeg images, doc and excel files, CSS stylesheets, PDF documents, archived files in zip format and many more. Unlike most other similar services, it doesn’t depend on a search engine like Google for its results. Read more: FindFiles: Search Engine For Finding Any Type Of Files Online

Briss – While reading PDF files on a small screen, such as a reading device or a mobile phone, you often have to adjust the file’s viewing properties for proper reading. Here to help ease the task is a program called Briss. Briss is a cross-platform freeware program built on Java. Sized at only 4MB, the freeware lets you load up and crop PDF files. Read more: Briss: Crop PDF Files For Better Reading

Foodily – You will find countless cooking websites that help you learn how to cook delicious meals. But dishes you learned to cook for a party will not necessarily be what your friends like. To find and learn recipes that you as well as your friends will like, pay a visit to Foodily, a brilliant cooking website with social network integration. Read more: Foodily: Find & Learn To Cook Recipes That Your Friends Will Like

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