Cool Websites And Tools [April 6th]

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Tunetag – When you attend a party, selecting the songs to get you in the groove is not up to you. You can request a change in music, but who knows if other people will like your choices too? Enter Tunetug, a cool app for party lovers that lets select and vote for songs to be played. With this system, you can create your own party playlist. Read more: Tunetug: Vote Up Or Vote Down Songs For Your Party

UploadingIt – File hosting websites are very helpful when you want to store or share large files online. Most file hosts are the same and do not offer a unique set of features. But UploadingIt sets itself apart from the crowd by offering a large 20GB of free storage space along with numerous other cool functions. Read more: UploadingIt: File Host With Cool Features & 20GB Of Free Storage Online

OpenAttribute – An open approach to the web and content publishing in general involves a standard system of attribution. If you get image and content that are both under Creative Commons, then it is a must to properly cite them. Open Attribute is a nifty browser add-on that finds and formats licence information in one click. Read more: OpenAttribute: Properly Attribute Creative Commons Content In A Click – is a cool WordPress plugin that lets you create an custom Android app for your blog. This is very useful for bloggers who want to reach a growing mobile audience. You only need to install this tool like any normal WordPress plugin and have the app configured for your blog within minutes. Read more: Create An Android App For Your Website Feed

Yahoo Safely – The number of online threats to Internet users increases daily. This is precisely why it is important for you to familiarise yourself with the latest online safety tips. You can get these tips from numerous reliable online sources, one of them being Yahoo Safely. It is the official security tips website of Yahoo. Read more: Yahoo Safely: Valuable Internet Safety Tips For Teenagers & Parents

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