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Protect Your Vision – If you are someone who stays glued to the computer screen for long periods then the chances are you face frequent problems like eye irritation or headaches. This is what computer vision syndrome is all about. ProtectYourVision is a site that helps you do that by blacking out the screen at fixed time intervals. Read more: Protect Your Vision: Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome Eye Strain 


Klowdz – Digital artists are always on the lookout for new online drawing tools which they can test their creativity on. A variety of such tools have been created that offer innovative drawing techniques to help provide people with new ways to create drawings. Adding to this list of unique and impressive tools is a site called Klowdz. Read more: Klowdz: Create Cool Drawings on Clouds 


myEdu – This simple tool helps you organise and manage your college education online so you don’t lose track of things. Once you sign up for free and add your college information, the tool lets you create a degree timeline by letting you enter different courses you will take each semester. Read more: myEdu: Manage Your College Education Online 


Translation Telephone – The telephone game is one of the most popular party and group games. If you want to have fun with it online, you can try Translation Telephone. This tool mocks the always derided Google Translate and its inaccurate translations by letting it play the telephone game. So how does this work? Read more: Translation Telephone: Have Fun With Google Translate 


YouTube ETA – YouTube users often have to wait before their videos are properly buffered. Often a video plays too soon and pauses in between to continue buffering. To ensure a smooth playback of YouTube videos, check out a tool called YouTube ETA, a browser extension for Google Chrome that helps ensure a smooth playback of YouTube videos. Read more: YouTube ETA: Ensure Smooth Playback Of YouTube Videos [Chrome] 

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