25 Awesome Things You Can Buy For Under $US25

Cool stuff doesn’t have to be expensive.

A recent Reddit thread asked for the coolest products for under $US25.

We chose our favourites.

1. Miracle berry tablets.

The tablets last for about an hour and alter your taste buds so that anything sour tastes sweet.

“Eat a whole lemon like it’s an orange. Taste pineapple like you’ve never tasted. Enjoy pomegranate, persimmons, sour patch kids, sour cherry bombs, sour grapes, like you’ve never enjoyed before,” writes piyokochan.

Buy a pack for $US9.99 here.

2. LifeStraw.

“Drink from basically any water source with the straw, fill containers of unfiltered or gross water and drink from them on the go,” writes AestheticalGains. “If you’re an outdoors person, hiker, backpacker, or survivalist, they’re a must.”

Get it on Amazon for $US20.

3. Venus Flytrap.

“Got it for $US7,” writes FlamesFanatic. “His name is Septimus Prime.”

You can buy your very own for $US7.99 here.

4. Slow Cooker.

“You put a bunch of stuff in, turn it on, go to sleep, and when you wake up you have a delicious meal,” writes Ghost17088.

Target has a 4-quart device for $US24.99.

5. Rock-It.

“It basically turns just about any surface into a speaker,” writes AlwaysClassyNvrGassy.

Get it here for $US19.99.

6. Loot Crate subscription.

For $US13.37 per month, you get six to eight hand-picked “geek-gamer” products, notes Kjarahz.

Check it out here.

7. A vibrating head massager.

“Like an orgasm for the scalp,” writes JungleLegs.

Get one on Amazon for $US12.50.

8. Cards Against Humanity.

The game “will give you hours of entertainment with friends,” writes kinnelonfire75.

Get a starter kit for $US10, or the entire thing for $US25.

9. Blow dart gun.

“Provides hours of entertainment!” writes MinistrofDeath. “Great for annoying your girlfriend.”

Amazon has one that includes darts for $US19.

10. Diamond Candles.

The candles, which cost $US24.95, contain a ring worth anywhere from $US10 to $US5,000.

“The excitement of not knowing what ring you get is worth the money,” writes msshellshock. “Mine ended up beig a $US100 white sapphire.”

11. Solar charger for mobile devices.

“I’m a big fan of solar power and wish i had one,” writes The_Wac.

Get one for $US24.99 here.

12. An animal for someone in need.

“The animals go to someone in an impoverished country who needs them, and the good feeling is shared by you, the needy person, and whomever you decide to give that gift in the name of,” writes magicdragonfly. “Pretty cool, if you ask me.”

You can send a flock of geese, chicken, or ducks for $US20.

13. Rainbow glasses.

“They refract white light into the visible light spectrum into about 8 directions,” writes ElEspecial. “Best used at night, and actually they show different bits and pieces of the spectrum depending on the element which the source of light is made from, so consequently ‘green’ light bulbs with mercury look different than street lamps with phosphorous.”

Get 20 pairs for $US12.50 on Amazon.

14. Lodge cast-iron skillet.

For $US20, you can cook items like bacon and eggs more perfectly, according to kdgarden.

Target has one for $US15.99.

15. Swiss Army Knife.

“Pretty cool and definitely very useful,” writes ijustreally.

The classic is $US15.99.

16. Superior noise-cancelling earbuds.

“You can’t find a better pair of earbuds for under $US100,” writes ReeG. “There’s a 300+ page thread on head-fi.org of people vouching for these.”

Get them for just $US6.12 here.

17. Motorised pepper grinder.

“Nothing says ‘look mate, I’m higher up in the hierarchical system of life’ like offering them a motorised pepper grinder when they come over for dinner and don’t know what it is,” writes Svardskampe.

Amazon has one for $US17.

18. Kinetic sand.

This sand looks normal, but the product recommended by wcbdfy is actually made so it can be packed into 3-dimensional shapes. Makes building a sandcastle way easier.

Buy a small bag for $US15.

19. Remote control helicopter.

“Who knew a 21-year-old could have so much fun?” writes RUFFLZ.

This Syma helicopter is on sale for $US20 on Amazon.

20. T-shirt from Once Upon A Tee.

“This website puts up a new collection of shirts every week,” writes firefly71.They’ve gotten $US12 from me almost every week in the last month.”

The site has a variety of creative t-shirts.

21. ODB2 Dongle.

“Plug it into your car, run the app and get your diagnostics. You get the same info the mechanics get and you get a code if you cars have errors,” writes aimhelix. “You can then check the internet for fixes for that code and start learning about doing your own fixes in your car. Eventually you’ll come to see that its much easier than you think.”

Get one here for $US13.99.

22. Five bottles of Trader Joe’s La Fin Du Monde.

“One of the best beers you’ll probably ever try,” writes UpDownAndAround3.

You’ll have to venture to Trader Joe’s or another vendor to buy this beer.

23. Bubble Calendar.

This fun calendar lets you pop a bubble every day of the year, writes chains_of_silver.

Get it for $20 here.

24. Tactical Bacon.

This bacon has a shelf life of 10 years, so you won’t have to worry about the expiration date, writes skinnejj.

Get a can with 18 servings for $US19.99.

25. Some Dogecoin.

“It’s the entry-level cryptocoin, could be worth more if it “goes to the moon” and will get you involved in a fun community,” writes tpepperoni.

Get it here.

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