10 Examples Of What A Camera Shooting 60,000+ Frames Per Second Can Do

slow motion

Your smartphone’s video camera shoots somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30 frames per second. Seems pretty fast, doesn’t it? Could you blink your eyes 30 times in one second? You couldn’t.

But forget about that wimpy camera for a second. There are supercharged high-grade cameras out there that can shoot over 60,000 frames per second.

When you play these shots back at a much more familiar 30 frames per second, the image is so dramatically slowed down that you notice a wide world of detail that’s been escaping your camera since the beginning.

You need to see it to believe it.

The largest water balloon pop ever?

Unless, of course, you fire one into a steel plate at 150 MPH.

This is what an exploding melon looks like.

Dropping Jell-O on the ground.

This just looks painful.

What popping corn kernels actually looks like.

Time to break stuff.

This super-fast lightning started from the ground and went up to the sky.

A cheetah in an all-out sprint can hit 70 MPH.

Android's offerings are starting to embarrass the iPhone.

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