23 Incredible Images That Show Why Pinterest Is A $1.5 Billion Company

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Photo: Pinterest via Emily Brennan-Williams

Pinterest is a virtual pin board; users can tag photos they find inspiring and save them for later. It’s a collage that can be shared among the community.Even though it has yet to make a dime, the startup just raised a massive $100 million round of financing at a $1.5 billion valuation. Andreessen Horowitz Partner and Pinterest investor Jeff Jordan told us he hasn’t seen adoption numbers like Pinterest’s since Facebook’s early days.

Another investor, who backed early Facebook but hasn’t put money into Pinterest, tells us he’d go long on Pinterest over Facebook because it has more revenue upside.

Of course, $1.5 BILLION is a lot and for such a young company it’s hard to justify that valuation. But Pinterest shows promise of living up to its $1.5 billion price tag some day, if only because retail companies are obsessed with it and advertisers are scrambling to get involved.

As soon as you visit the site, you understand why Pinterest is addicting.  The pictures on the main page are a unique collection of fashion, design and inspirational photography. Other tagged images are hilarious and heart warming.

Here are 22 photos that show you how and why 20 million people are using Pinterest.

People post a lot of baby photos

They tag family and engagement photos

It's wedding pictures galore.

And funny photos

There's also a category for strange photos

There's an offbeat category for offbeat people

If you want a good workout regimen, you can find that on Pinterest too

There are recipes and cool food designs for chefs

Food is presented in all types of interesting ways (these are jello shots)

There are cute kid photos on Pinterest

And of course there are cute animal photos

Awww, look at the baby hedgehogs

How can you not click on this baby Blackbird?

Pinterest also has pictures of animals doing funny things

Users capture animals in strange positions

Cool nature shots are plentiful on Pinterest

People use Pinterest for beauty and styling tips

Pinterest is also used for fashion ideas

And for mischievous ideas

You can find inspiration for just about anything on Pinterest; there are a lot of quotes

Users post eye candy on Pinterest too, like Tim Tebow

There are photos of vacation spots where users long to go

If you want to make a lot of money, you should try to work for Pinterest or one of these other hot startups:

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