5 Ridiculously Clever Business Logos

Brooklyn Brewery Miss Jessie’s Original Snooty Peacock SusieCakes Globetrooper Steve Hindy, co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery, based in Brooklyn, New York, had the logo for his company designed in 1987 by none other than Milton Glaser, one of the world’s foremost logo designers. In fact, it was Glaser who aided in renaming the company, which was originally called Brooklyn Eagle Beer. “Come on, you’ve got Brooklyn. Who needs an eagle?” recalls Hindy of Milton’s comment on the original company name. Although the company didn’t officially open until 1988, the logo was essential in helping it pique the interest of investors. “I think that logo definitely helped us raise money. It was on the cover of our business plan, and when we went out to raise money, people were very impressed that Milton Glaser was on our team,” says Hindy.

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