REAL OR FAKE: These Computer-Generated Images Look Like Just Like Actual Photographs

photorealistic 3d renders

CGTrader, a marketplace for 3D artists, modelers, and engineers, has rounded up a collection of stunning computer-generated imagery.

These are pictures created by professionals in the field, and the end results nearly look like actual photographs.

But nothing you’re about to see is real.

The attention to detail is staggering.

But it's not all about making pictures of people.

Notice the subtle motion blur on the tires.

Even a still life can require plenty of effort to look realistic.

Here's a look inside a (real? imagined?) studio apartment.

Who wants some hot chocolate?

With each one having to be manually added, the scratches in this bird's beak boggle the mind.

A lonely farm scene.

One of our closest genetic relatives.

Inside the cockpit of a vintage plane.

Lighting and other details matter much, much more in closeups.

Another well-done closeup.

We love how the light plays off these glasses.

Pac-Man ghost candy!

A companionless fish goes about its business.

Superhero fans will recognise this mercurial chap – it's Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man (and many, many more characters).

This picture trips us out.

Natalie Portman from Black Swan.

The perpetually-creepy scene from The Shining.

A serene nature image.

A look at an artist's studio.

Easily one of our favourite images in this set – Alien and Predator playing chess!

This one leans towards looking like a painting more than a photo, but the effect is the same – impressive realism.

This is an attempt to capture what it looks like inside of the HIV virus.


The realism here is jarring.

This one looks like an askew home photograph.

An impressively well-done panoramic render.

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