This optical illusion in a Thanksgiving turkey cooking video will leave your head spinning

Optical illusion in the brine. Kamado Joe/ YouTube

There’s an optical illusion hidden in an old Thanksgiving prep instructional video, and it’s tripping out the internet.

Reddit user u/Dently discovered the wacky illusion in a 2015 video on YouTube and posted it to Reddit.

“Found this freaky optical illusion while watching a cooking video,” they wrote. “Stare at the center of the brine until the scene changes.”

Give it a try (the scene changes at around 2.37, but you’ll need to watch the brine swirl for a bit before then).

If you stare long enough at the swirling broth, then the next shot of the turkey will swirl too.

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The trick has Reddit users’ heads spinning. One wrote, “Great, now everything is spinning. How do I change back?” Meanwhile,another user is convinced that they could see a ” Chihuahua in the center of the Brine the whole time it was spinning.”

This illusion is called the motion aftereffect, which is commonly referred to as the waterfall effect. After looking at a moving object, your brain tricks your eyes into seeing a stationary object move because neurons in the brain get fatigued.

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