Controlling Boyfriend Simon Gittany Convicted For Throwing Fiancee From Sydney Highrise Apartment

CCTV screenshot of the struggle

A jealous and dominating Simon Gittany threw his fiancee from the 15th floor of a Sydney apartment building when he found out she was leaving him two years ago.

He has always maintained that she slipped from the balcony but the prosecution says he killed her in an apoplectic rage.

In the NSW Supreme court, Gittany was convicted of murdering his 30-year-old Canadian girlfriend, ballerina Lisa Harnum.

Justice Lucy McCallum told the Court: “There can be no doubt the accused was controlling, dominating and at times abusive of Ms Harnum.”

Gittany, now aged 40, stool quietly as the judge convicted him of murder. His now girlfriend, Rachel Louise, screamed.

However, the judge said: “The force of his jealous and controlling personality met mixed reaction from Ms Harmum, who was at times defiant and at times submissive to an inexplicable degree. By the end of July 2011, these tensions had reached a point of crisis.”

By 6am on the morning of her death, Ms Harnum was “in a state of absolute fear and despair”.

A text message from Gittany to Ms Harnum on April 16, 2011: “Who the f*** do you think you are walking around the house like you own it or coming and going without my permission? Again I waited for you to apologise for your disgusting comment but you walk around like a peacock with your hair out and too proud to apologise.”

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