Contractors More Likely To Die At Mine Sites Than Full-Time Staff: Report

Getty/ Daniel Berehulak

A new report has found contractors are more likely to die working on mine sites than their full-time colleagues.

The Queensland Mines and Quarry Safety report shows contractors represent nine-out-of-ten coal mining industry fatalities in the state over the past decade.

Australian Mining first reported on the document, which found some mines don’t consider the safety of contractors to be their responsibility as they are not on the books full-time.

Here are some of the comments from Queensland Mine Safety and Health Commissioner Stewart Bell:

By the very nature of their role, contractors are often engaged to perform non-standard or specialist talks that in some cases require a higher level of risk management than would normally be needed.

I’m concerned that some mining operations regard these risks as not their responsibility, whereas in my view they should review and approve the contractor’s processes and procedures before the work begins, and integrate them into the site’s safety and health management system.

There are senior managers at these sites whose job is to manage the risk as required by law for everyone who’s working there – and that includes contractors.

You can read the full report here.

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