Continental Airlines To Get Wi-Fi On Domestic Flights


Photo: quintablet via flickr

You’re going to have to wait a while, but if you fly Continental Airlines then you can expect to take advantage of expanded Wi-Fi capabilities on board a lot of domestic flights in 2012. Continental Airlines, which now is part of United Continental Holdings, plans to outfit more than 200 Boeing 737 and Boeing 757 aircraft flying domestic routes with Wi-Fi via Ka-band technology. 

So, what does that mean for your online happiness during flights

Continental says Ka-band satellite technology will equate to higher transmission speeds on board, meaning you should have the ability to download files, send and receive email, and browse content-rich sites. 

At least, that’s the promise. 

As many of us know, sometimes the Wi-Fi promise can be at odds with reality, but here’s hoping. These 200 Continental aircraft already have DIRECTV with more than 95 TV channels and live programming. So, the new Ka-band Wi-Fi capabilities will come in tandem with the existing DIRECTV service. 

The new Wi-Fi capabilities arise out of a letter of intent that Continental signed with LiveTV, which interestingly is a subsidiary of JetBlue. Continental and LiveTV still have to sign a full-fledged agreement to make all this happen. 

Lots of changes are coming on Continental and United as the two carriers reconfigure their fleet after the merger. Among the changes, Continental will be getting Economy Plus seating – a staple on United flights – beginning in 2012. 

With Economy Plus seating, you get five inches of extra legroom for a fee.

Hey, you should be able to enjoy the extra legroom and kick back and enjoy the improved Wi-Fi in 2012.

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