ContextWeb's ADSDAQ Exchange Hits 65 Million Uniques in June

ContextWeb’s two-month-old ad exchange is on fire, now reaching 1/3 of the U.S. Internet audience, reports MediaPost.  ADSDAQ is reportedly the only ad exchange that offers bid-pricing on premium inventory, not just remnant, and CEO Anand Subramanian cites the exchange’s rapid growth as proof of concept.  The New York-based ContextWeb is backed by DFJ Gotham, DFJ New England, DFJ, and Updata.

Peter adds: That reach metric will likely increase at the end of this summer, when ContextWeb plans to open up an automated version of the exchange that will let small publishers participate. For the time being, any website or network that wants to work with the exchange needs to contact an actual human at ContextWeb, and the company generally only takes on clients who are generating at least 5 million ad impressions a month. When the automated program comes out of beta, any publisher of any size should be able to sign on.

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