iPhones Continue To Inspire Very High Consumer Loyalty

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iOS Users Are More Loyal To The Platform (GigaOm)

Research from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners shows that iOS users may be the most loyal to their original platform. About 78% of iPhone owners chose another iPhone when they upgraded their device, while only 67% of Android users chose another Android-based device. Read >Yahoo Eyes Another Mobile Acquisition (All Things D)
Sources tell Kara Swisher of All Things D that Yahoo is far along in talks to acquire e-commerce app platform Lexity. If it pans out the deal would also bring Amit Kumar, Lexity CEO, back to the Yahoo fold. Read >  

Facebook’s Mobile Ad Boom Provides Model To Social Sites (Bloomberg)
What lessons are Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter learning from Facebook’s success with mobile advertising? Read >  

Mobile Ad Prices Climb Despite Higher Supply (MoPub)
Advertising exchange platform MoPub surveyed their 500 million monthly active users to provide insight on mobile ad buying trends during Q2 2013. They found the effective cost per impression (eCPM) on their platform rose 25% to $1.01. Effective cost-per-click (eCPC) also increased over the quarter to $0.09, which is up 10% from last quarter. They also claim prices being driven up despite a a growing ad inventory. Read >


Zero Money Down For An iPhone 5 At T-Mobile (9to5Mac)
T-Mobile announced a new pricing plan where consumers can may $0 down for any device, including top-tier handsets like the iPhone 5. Instead of paying up front, customers can pay for the phone over a 24-month period. Read > 

Android 4.3 App Ops Control Will Push The Privacy Envelope (GigaOm)
App Ops is a new feature in the Android 4.3  update that will allow smartphone users to toggle certain functionality pieces within various apps. One of the most obvious options is to turn off location-based services within an app like Facebook. It will increase users privacy and can also be a handy battery-saving technique. For developers, they will have to circumvent potential app defects and bugs from specific functions being turned off. It may encourage many developers to practice privacy by design. Read >

Ubuntu Edge Crowdfunding Is Through The Roof (Guardian)
The Ubuntu Edge, which is a combination PC-smartphone hybrid, raised $3.5 million in the first 24 hours of its IndieGoGo campaign. It has since shot up to about $6.6 million. The initial success of the crowdfunding campaign has convinced the founders to 0pen up lower-priced funding tiers to gain more potential buyers. Read > 

Free iPads For All 640,000 Los Angeles Unified School District Students (CiteWorld)
The Los Angeles Unified School District announced today that it will indeed supply all 640,000 of its students with a free iPad for use in the classroom by the end of 2014. rumours circulated that only 31,000 iPads would be distributed, but that number is just the first phase, which will happen for the 2013 school year. This is an important step for the continued proliferation of mobile devices in education. Read >

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