The Best And Worst Products At Whole Foods

Whole Foods has a reputation for pricey organic selections.

If you’re a fan of the grocery-store chain, Consumer Reports has some helpful tips for what you should and shouldn’t buy there. 

Experts from the publication tested hundreds of items to find the best products for value and quality. 

Their full report can be found in the magazine’s January 2015 issue. 


Allegro Organic Continental Brand Ground-Coffee

The coffee is renowned for its complex and bold flavours. 

365 Everyday Value organic chicken broth

The flavour of this broth helped it stand out. Because it’s private label, its more affordable than other alternatives. 

365 Everyday Value mayonnaise

The mayonnaise scored high and has even been reformulated since the test. 

365 Everyday Value maple syrup

The syrup was just as good as name-brand, according to Consumer Reports. 


365 Everyday Value tissues

“You can find softer, stronger tissues,” the magazine writes. 

365 Everyday Value organic salad dressing

The dressing is criticised for being “thin,” with “off-note” flavours.

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