Consumer Reports Slams Mitsubishi's Electric Car, Calling It A 'Glorified Golf Cart'

mitsubishi mievThe Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

In a review published today, Consumer Reports slammed Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV, calling it “a glorified golf cart of limited use.”The independent, consumer-oriented magazine criticised the small electric car’s short range (barely 60 miles in its testing), cramped interior, long charging times (six to seven hours), and poor handling.

Gabe Shenhar, who wrote the review, pointed out the i-MiEV, starting at $33,630, is less expensive than other electric cars on the market. But he added, “for what you get…the i-MiEV is pretty expensive.”

In another review Shenhar posted today, he praised Ford’s Electric Focus, which he called “solid, sophisticated, and fun to drive.” Consumer Reports recorded an 80 mile range, a four-hour charge time, and argued the $40,000 purchase price is justified by the car’s better qualities.

Here’s the video review of the i-MiEV:

And of the Ford Focus Electric:

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