CONSUMER REPORTS: The Tesla Model S Is The Best Car We've Ever Seen

tesla model s blackThe Tesla Model S.

Consumer Reports just published its review of the 2013 Tesla Model S, and it gave the electric car a 99 out of 100 — higher than any other car it has tested.

The independent, consumer-oriented magazine called the Model S “truly a remarkable car,” despite its high price tag (it tested the version with the largest available battery, for $89,650) and the range limitations that make it impractical for spontaneous long trips.

It became the top-scoring car “even though it’s an electric car. In fact, it does so because it is electric,” the magazine wrote.

The magazine has not always been so kind to EVs. In January, it slammed the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, calling it “a glorified golf cart of limited use.”

The Model S review praised the car’s balance, handling, comfort, roominess, and control system, while noting visibility, early technical problems, and high price as demerits.

Here’s part of the review’s summary:

The Tesla Model S takes everything you know about cars and stands it on its head. It’s a very agile, super-quick electric luxury sedan (with a hatchback!) that seats seven and gets the equivalent of 84 mpg. Got your attention yet?

Read the full review at Consumer Reports (requires a subscription).

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