Consumer Reports Proves The Tesla Model S Is A Drifting Champion

Consumer Reports gave Tesla a major boost last week when it gave the Model S a 99 out of 100 score in its review, the best score it has ever doled out.

Once the testing was complete, the consumer-oriented magazine turned to answer another big question: Can the Model S drift?

With traction control turned off, driver Jake Fisher took the electric sedan onto the Consumer Reports test track.

The answer is a resounding yes:

Driving a Tesla Model S is like having your own private amusement park. Not that we advocate tire-smoking, tail-sliding turns on any public road—ever! But such drifting can be a measure of a car’s great-handling chops, as well as its available power. And boy, can the Tesla drift!

Not only is the video a lot of fun to watch, it proves just how impressive a car the Model S is, despite its high price tag (minimum $62,400, after a $7,500 federal tax credit) and the range problems that come with relying on an electric battery.

Check it out:

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