The US Consumer Product Safety Commission actually has the best account on Twitter the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Twitter account.
  • The best Twitter account is the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Twitter account.
  • The CPSC’s tweets cover why it’s bad to eat detergent pods and offer safety tips from Bird Ben Franklin.
  • Really.

Yes, the internet is a cesspool of terrible people and mindnumbingly stupid arguments, but it’s also given us pure and beautiful things. For example, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Twitter account, which you should probably be following, FYI.

The CPSC is charged with “protecting the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death associated with the use of the thousands of types of consumer products,” and it is very good with memes.

For example, meet Potato:

Check out these wild animals are deeply invested in keeping prescription drugs out of kids’ hands.

Say hello to these cows that want us to harness our inner magic.

And wave hi to Bird Ben Franklin, who is very fond of top hats.

So where do these absolutely batcrackers safety memes come from? The account is run by 32-year-old New Yorker Joseph Galbo, who’s been with the CPSC for almost three years.

Galbo told INSIDER he’s inspired by pop culture and “the vibe that’s happening across our social media networks on any given day.” The meme maker is given a fair bit of leeway with his creations and has the support of the CPSC’s Acting Chairman Ann Marie Buerkle.

“Her office is very engaged with us on our social media strategy,” he said. “You can only imagine what it’s like to have someone spread out a bunch of talking dogs, and cats, and dragons on a conference table and say to you, ‘Yes, Madame Chairman, this is where we want to go. The dog named Potato is the best we’ve got.'”

The CPSC is tasked with regulating more than 10,000 products, which means “you’re going to have to get creative,” he said. “We’re just so thankful that people like what we’re doing and we hope the next time they see one of our graphics it gets them motivated to get that fire extinguisher in their kitchen or report that unsafe product to the agency. They could save a life, including their own.”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about Bird Ben Franklin (because honestly, we are too), Galbo has an explanation.

“Following his successful electricity experiments Ben Franklin invented a time machine and jumped forward in history to 1860,” he explained. “The thing was, when he got there he was a bird. Through a series of hilarious circumstances he befriended Abraham Lincoln who gifted Ben a tiny top hat as a token of their friendship. Ben has yet to return to his own time, and is still a bird. He has since founded the Birds for Human Safety Consortium with Handsome Ron, Stacy, and Reggy the Wise.”


The more you know.

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