Consumer Electronics Brands Up their Marketing Spend

At the same time that the Japan tsunami has wrought concern over supply chain for major consumer electronics manufacturers, a recovering world economy is reinvigorating demand. To meet sales targets through the end of the year, CE brands are expected to up their marketing spending to recharge sales. Contextual ad company Vibrant is seeing this increase firsthand, reporting  an 80% increase in consumer electronics-related revenue for Q1 2011 over Q1 2010.

Contextual has been a strong tool for advertisers, particularly in consumer electronics, with its ability to engage audiences in a highly relevant way with dynamic creative campaigns. Vibrant helps brands such as AT&T, HTC, Sprint, Sony, Samsung, Virgin Mobile, Verizon and Xbox build share of voice through ownership of key brand and product terms across the Web.

With the recently launched VIA Dynamic, Vibrant has added to the category’s ability to create impactful brand experiences, delivering scalable display ad campaigns with creative that changes in real-time based on the content of the page. VIA Dynamic can deliver CTRs up to 5x higher than the average rate for standard display ads.

“Vibrant’s sustained growth is driven by the great value that contextual advertising provides to the leading national advertisers, our network of 6,000 premium publishers and 251 million unique users worldwide,” says Doug Stevenson, Co-Founder and CEO of Vibrant. “Our huge increase in category revenue shows the power of our solutions to help premier brands reach key audiences at the right time, in the right context and with the right content when they are considering choices in the highly competitive consumer electronics category.”

With new products, such as tablet PCs from all the major players, an Xbox refresh on the horizon and countless dozens of new smartphones, it’s clear that the consumer electronics category will mark a stellar year — and smart marketers will be helping make that so.