FORGET THE JOBS REPORT: The Most Important Number Of The Day Hasn't Even Come Out Yet

Remember the March jobs report?

We’ve already forgotten it.

The most important number of the day is coming upt: That’s the February Consumer Credit report.

Official expectations are for $12 billion worth of new consumer credit to have been created. That’s down from $17.77 billion last month.

We’ll be particularly curious to see revolving consumer credit growth (AKA: Credit cards).

As this chart shows, the year over year percentage change in revolving credit has improved every single month for a year.

A continuation of this chart would be great.

Also: Unlike the jobs report, which has a margin of error of like 100K and is going to be revised wildly, this number is very stable and seems to be accurate.

We’ll have the number here LIVE at 3:00 PM ET.


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