Consumer and retail news: 10 things you need to know today

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1. Wendy’s openly hates on McDonald’s and Burger King with bizarre new website

Wendy’s is going after rivals like McDonald’s and Burger King for using frozen beef patties in their hamburgers. The fast-food chain has launched a new website featuring bizarre ads for “freezy diskz,” or frozen burger patties, saying they can be used as drink coasters, ice, or as wedges to level a table.

2. Target is going to make a major department unrecognizable

Target is now focusing on a total reconstruction of the food department. The company is cutting back on middle-aisle dry packaged goods, while adding more fresh produce and organic and gluten-free products, Target CEO Brian Cornell said at a meeting Wednesday.

3. Morgan Stanley is concerned with Under Armour’s business

Morgan Stanley’s analysts are becoming concerned about the state of Under Armour’s business and believe that the company will report apparel sales that are flat or negative. Areas of concern include women turning away from the brand, shoes selling at discount, and outlets taking over business.

4. Target executive reveals how the company is dominating in the most important category

Target plans to spend as much as $2.5 billion a year on technology and supply chain initiatives by 2017, up from the $1.9 billion spent last year. The biggest focus: making it more convenient for customers to shop at Target in stores, online, and on their smartphones.

5. Costco is raising its minimum wage

Costco will start paying $13 to $13.50 per hour, up from $11.50 to $12. The retailer is essentially compelled to do this because workers have the growing option to move to companies that pay better.

6. KFC might have a new Colonel Sanders — and the CEO doesn’t care if customers hate him

Casting a black comedian as a fast-food icon who has been dogged by (unproven) rumours that he was a racist for years is a bold choice for the chicken chain. But it sticks to KFC’s recent dedication to marketing decisions that may polarize customers.

7. Offering free Wi-Fi leads to unexpected consequences at KFC and McDonald’s

A town in the UK is banning customers under 18 years of age from fast-food favourites. Police report that the teenagers would buy one drink to split between them so they can use the free Wi-Fi.

8. Hampton Creek is moving beyond mayo

Hampton Creek, known for its egg-free mayo, will soon release products such as brownie mix, pancakes, and salad dressing to retailers such as Walmart and Target, reports Fortune.

9. McDonald’s has a new Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry it won’t sell in the US — here’s how to make it

McDonald’s unveiled a new Cadbury Creme Egg flavour of McFlurry but it’s not available in the US. Americans are expressing their jealousy and anger on Twitter, but it’s actually pretty easy to make at home.

10. This calculator will tell you how many hours of activity you need to work off fast-food meals, a US based health website, developed a fast food calculator that will tell what you need to do to work off that Chipotle burrito.

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