Consumer and retail news: 10 things you need to know today

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Hollis Johnson

1. 5 foods to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Fortune compiled a list of fast food chains that are celebrating St.Patrick’s Day. Krispy Kreme is selling green doughnuts, McDonald’s has the shamrock shake, and plenty more.

2. Starbucks has a new ‘cherry blossom’ drink on the menu — here’s the verdict

With spring’s arrival comes Starbucks’ newest limited seasonal drink: the Cherry Blossom frappuccino. The frappuccino is a blend of strawberry flavoring, white chocolate sauce, and matcha powder blended with milk and ice — it’s only available until March 20.

3. Stoli plans to start selling gluten-free vodka

Stoli Gluten Free is hitting the market in April. The new vodka makes Stoli Group the first large, established, and international vodka brand to label itself gluten-free, reports Reuters.

4. Fast-food CEO says he’s investing in machines because he can’t afford to pay workers

The CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s has visited the fully automated restaurant Eatsa — and it’s given him some ideas on how to deal with rising minimum wages. He says that a restaurant that’s 100% automated would have one big plus for millennials: no social interaction.

5. Nike has unveiled a self-lacing sneaker

Nike Inc. has unveiled its first power-lacing sneaker — it allows users to make the fit looser or snugger on the fly by pressing buttons on the side of the shoe.

6. One of America’s most old-fashioned restaurants is adapting for the modern age amid a major expansion

Cracker Barrel plans to open five new locations in the Las Vegas and Portland, Oregon areas in the next year — the company’s first entry into the West Coast.

7. A Florida man is suing MillerCoors for not brewing its beer in the Rocky Mountains

A class action lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County, Florida earlier in March argues MillerCoors misleads customers in advertising that says or implies the beer was “brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water,” reports the Courthouse News Service.

8. Blue Moon made a drastic design change to get millennials’ attention

Blue Moon is launching its biggest rebrand in 20 years. New branding removes “dark” elements of packaging, resulting in a lighter, more retro-inspired logo.

9. A disastrous merger has left this clothing store virtually worthless

Tailored Brands, the parent company of the men’s clothing store that until last month was known as Men’s Wearhouse, says it has been unable to stem the haemorrhaging of sales at the clothing store following its attempt to halt overly aggressive discount policies, and now anything of value associated with Jos. A. Bank is virtually worthless.

10. A man poured molten copper over a McDonald’s Big Mac and it nearly survived

Ernesto Gonzalez, also known as TITO4RE on YouTube poured molten copper on a McDonald’s Big Mac and the results are fascinating. You can check out his full video here.

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